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Community description:CWRPS, J2, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural
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Welcome to jsquared_rps!

We are not personally affliated with Jared Padalecki, or Jensen Ackles, and wish to express that any and all stories, art, etc posted to this community are the work of far as we know.

Within this community, we strive to bring you unadulterated exposure to all of the Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles slash fiction you can stand to read. If you ship Jared and Jensen as much as we do, we urge and invite you to join us and share your stories and artwork!

Please take a moment to read our short, simple rules before becoming a member:

    1. This community is for Jared/Jensen fics only. There are several wonderful LJ comms devoted to other RPS pairings involving the boys, and we've included a helpful list on your right. But as the purpose of this particular community is to celebrate the Jared/Jensen love, we'd appreciate that rule being followed.

    2. See Rule #1.

    3. Did you look at Rule #1?

    4. Yes, other pairings [or side pairings not involving Jared or Jensen] in the fic are fine. For example, Jared and X-person are together, then Jared meets Jensen and they fall head over heels in love, the end. That's fine, as long as the focus of the fic is Jared and Jensen being together. No Jared/Other all the way through and then a paragraph of Jared/Jensen at the end.

    5. If you're posting a WIP, 1) it must be SOLELY about Jared/Jensen (see Rule #1) - no threesomes or other pairings in later parts; 2) no posting five million parts at once. One part per day, per author. Or better yet, wait until it's complete and then make a post announcing the story.

    6. If you post an entry linking to your own journal or community, please do not post links to friends locked/members only material. Everything you link to from this community needs to be public. If you are concerned about someone finding your fic who is not supposed to have access, you can consider posting to this community directly and then locking the entry. We just want to ensure that all members of this community will have access to the fic without having to friend your journal. [This includes WIPs! All chapters of a WIP must be public.]

    7. In the event that you are not sure what you're posting follows the guidelines set forth by the comm, please contact a moderator. They're listed in the community's user info and would be happy to help you. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A POST ASKING IF SOMETHING IS OKAY TO POST. Any and all entries like such will be deleted and/or rejected upon submission.

    8. Any and all artwork, including fic banners, need to be posted underneath a cut, and please DO NOT change your font from the default font set forth by the community when crossposting to the community. This is both to keep the community stream-lined, and to help out with dial-up users. Not because we're a bunch of mean, ornery cows [as much as it may seem otherwise. :D]

    9. Please do not spam the comm with news, interviews, videos, etc. At this time, we are only interested in accepting fanfiction and graphics pertaining to Jared/Jensen. Additionally, at this time we are not accepting icon posts. This might change in the future, so thank you for understanding!

    10. Please be sure your fic contains AT THE VERY LEAST the following information before submitting it to the comm:

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